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Aerosol Art aka Graffiti

Did you know there's a world of difference between street art and graffiti?  And that some people call it aerosol art to distinguish between an amateur 'tag' and a piece of considered art work?  No?  Well, now you and Year 11 do, thanks to Bryce Davies, professional aerosol artist! He came into Eastern High School to visit Year 11 as part of their preparation for a GCSE English Language group discussion on graffiti.

Bryce shared photographs of his work from all over the world and Wales.  He showed us his memorial work with the Senghenydd community to commemorate the coal disaster, as well as the work he's produced in Pontcanna changing rooms of Welsh sporting greats.  He spoke about the global social network of aerosol artists, and showed us work that he'd produced in Thailand, Auckland and China and explained the different attitudes to graffiti around the world.  

When the discussions are complete, English teachers of Year 11 are going to nominate the best group in their class to go forward for the chance to win a workshop with Bryce in April. They've certainly had the opportunity to listen to a bona fide expert!  We wish them luck...may the best groups win!





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