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Eastern High

Eastern High Flourish in Life

Our curriculum aims to be personalised, meeting the needs of all individuals as far as practically possible.  

We ensure all our students can access the curriculum effectively, so we place a high emphasis on the development of literacy, numeracy and the development of good habits in relation to learning.  This allows students the opportunity to develop flexible, adaptable and independent learning skills, essential for the 21st Century.

We operate a three-year Key Stage 4 where students make subject choices in Year 8, and begin their GCSE courses in Year 9.   This gives them a longer period to study the subjects before their exams in Year 11.  

In Year 7 all students study English/literacy for 10 lessons out of 30 per week.   This is to ensure all students quickly develop the literacy skills necessary to access the wider curriculum.   The English programme is delivered through Project Based Learning with the majority of the projects having a humanities (geography, history, RE) context.   Humanities are therefore delivered through these projects.   From Sept 2017 there will be a similar project based curriculum for maths/numeracy, where science and technology provide a context for maths related projects.   This will also have a similar allocation of curriculum time.  

In short we aim to develop highly literate and numerate learners by ensuring a high proportion curriculum time is devoted to English/literacy & maths/numeracy, without students realising they are doing so much!  Some pupils will continue studying this curriculum until we feel they are ready to access the full curriculum.

We place an emphasis on Project Based Learning as we believe this provides the best opportunities for students to develop independent learning skills and allows teachers to personalise learning more, enabling learners to progress at their own rates.  

The subject links below provide more information with regards to specific subjects

Extra Curricular Activities

The school provides a wide range of extra curricular activities for students to participate in.   These are organised into:

  • Lunchtime activities
  • Afterschool Activities
  • Trips, visits & visiting guests

Personal and Social Education

PSHE stands for personal, social and health education. Your son/daughter will access PSHE through their vertical tutor group in a half hour session every Wednesday morning, and will also cover certain topics in age appropriate groups during PSHE drop down days throughout the academic year.

The topics that are covered in PSHE include:-

  • Staying Healthy
  • Anti-Smoking
  • Internet Safety
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Citizenship & the Community
  • Sex and Relationships
  • Knowing yourself and personal skills
  • Careers and work related education

Our Approach to Learning Reports and Tutor Reports

We provide two types of report to parents. 

  • The first report is an ‘Approach to Learning’ report which focuses on two aspects of your child’s progress:Their academic progress against targets set – e.g. the student is targeted an A, but is currently predicted a B. The second part of the report, gives scores according the student’s approach to learning. This culminates in an Approach to Learning score out of 20.Click here for more detail
  • The second report is a ‘Tutor Report’. Parents will meet with their child’s tutor for at least one 40 - 50 minute meeting during the year.   Following this meeting a written report will be produced which outlines the main areas the main areas of progress, any concerns and targets for improvement.  Click here for more detail