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Eastern High

Eastern High Flourish in Life

Our curriculum aims to be personalised, meeting the needs of all individuals as far as practically possible.  

We ensure all our students can access the curriculum effectively, so we place a high emphasis on the development of literacy, numeracy and the development of good habits in relation to learning.  This allows students the opportunity to develop flexible, adaptable and independent learning skills, essential for the 21st Century.

At the end of Year 9, students choose from a range of options to support the core curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, Welsh, Games and Relationships & Sex Education.

Our curriculum purpose has been created in conjunction with our new school purpose. The school purpose is detailed in the points below 

  • Eastern High is here to provide highly effective teaching underpinned by positive relationships so that the whole community is able to Flourish in Life through Learning.

  • We show grit, respect and understanding so that all of our community can succeed and belong.

  • As a campus we support all our community members to access education and learning.

  • We succeed by delivering high quality teaching to meet the needs of all learners, supported by inclusive pastoral care, strong staff development and professionalism. 

 The curriculum will enable Eastern High to achieve the school purpose.

The school has liaised with staff during INSET days to finalise our curriculum purpose and look at research surrounding curriculum design. Governors have been consulted in relation to the curriculum design processes and Middle Leaders have been instrumental in the design of the Flourish in Life trees. The approach we have taken has been informed by considering our school context and the learner needs to best deliver a curriculum that is suited for our community. Learners have been consulted at different points of the process and will continue to be engaged as the curriculum evolves. 

Our curriculum has been created to enable our learners to work towards the four purposes. Our curriculum has been planned through a process of unpacking the national framework and rebuilding our curriculum so that every aspect of our curriculum is broad and balanced. It includes strands from the ‘What matter’ statements and descriptions of learning and aligns  with all of the mandatory elements of the new curriculum. 

The curriculum has been designed with progression and assessment at its core. Staff have co constructed progression maps for each ‘What matter’ statement which include clear and concise summaries of knowledge, skills and experiences that learners will need to progress through the curriculum. The assessment arrangements within Eastern High will be informed by the progression maps. Ongoing formative assessments will be crucial in our curriculum to allow pupils to identify where they are and what they need to do to move through our curriculum. The summative arrangements will follow a qualitative approach that will look to assess students progress towards the progression statements. 

It is important to recognise curriculum development is an ongoing process. It will be a priority for the cluster to meet on a regular basis to evaluate the curriculum design. The Area of Learning Teams will become an integral part of the evaluation process and will be able to refine and adopt the curriculum at regular intervals. 

Extra Curricular Activities:   The school provides a wide range of extra curricular activities for students to participate in and the timetable for the activities can be found here.  We also have a programme of school trips and visiting guests.