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As long as the weather is safe and appropriate, sports day will take place on Friday 28th June! 

18th June 2024 


Dear Parents/Carers


I am pleased to advise that Eastern High will be holding our annual Sports Day on Friday 28th June 2024., as long as the weather conditions are appropriate and safe. 


Pupils must come to school in their school PE kit, and it is essential that they bring plenty of water and sun cream (if applicable).  Please be aware that if pupils arrive at school not wearing their PE kit, we will contact you and ask that you bring their correct PE kit for them to change into before we allow them to participate in Sports Day. If they are unable to bring their PE kit to school, then unfortunately your child will either need to borrow a PE kit or they will spend the day in F28 completing curriculum work as normal. 


Pupils will not be allowed to take part in Sports Day unless they are in PE kit. If there is an issue regarding PE kit, please ask your child to speak to their PE teacher as soon as possible. 


There will be the usual athletics events on the day as well as additional fun activities. This will include inflatable games which are briefly described below:


  • Last Man Standing - inflatable game with a moveable arm that pupils jump over to remain in the game. 

  • Rugby Cage  - pupils play rugby within an inflatable boundary.

  • Gladiators  - attempt to knock each other off an inflatable podium with inflatable pugil sticks.

  • Obstacle course  - learners will race in pairs to get through the obstacle course. 

  • Wheelchair rugby - available for all pupils. 


Risk assessments have been completed for all activities. However, if you do not wish your child to participate in any of the above activities due to safety concerns, please can you let us know by emailing  In your email please specify any activity you do not wish your child to participate in.


Some of these activities, including rugby and football, will be on the 3G pitch and to participate in these your child will need to have the correct rubber-studded boots.

We will also have an ice cream van on-site for pupils to buy refreshments using cash. Your child will need to bring their money with them to school as we are unable to accept cash from parents at reception for your child to collect.


Unfortunately, we are unable to allow spectators on the day, but there will be a highlights video made available on the school website following the event. 


The purpose of the day is to ensure your child has fun and participates in some way. We hope to provide activities that suit the interests of all pupils. 









Please see the timings of the day below:
AM mark Learning Family - 8:40-8:55 

P1 - 8:55 -10:05 

P2 - 10:05 - 11:15

Break 11:15 - 11:35 

P3 - 11:35 - 12:45

Lunch 12:45 - 1:20 

PM mark in Learning Family 1:20 -1:30

P4 1:30 - 2:40

Learning Family  2:40 - 3 results announcements



Kind regards,


Mrs Owen Wright  

Head of Physical Education