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Help your child with KS3 Maths

Supporting your child with KS3 Mathematics (Adult only course) - Starts 17th Jan but open for applications for another couple of weeks

 This CAVC course is aimed specifically for the enrolment of parents, guardians and/or carers with children who are KS3 age (11-14 years old).

This 10-week course will cover some of the main concepts of the KS3 mathematics curriculum in Wales. We will be looking at re-learning and boosting your maths skills as parents/carers, in several topics that can be challenging for your children.

This course will allow families to confidently support their children with their KS3 maths homework.

There will be weekly online classes for parents and fun, educational STEM activities for all the family to enjoy at home, which will help families consolidate some of the KS3 maths skills taught on the course.

All courses are free and are accredited with an Agored Cymru unit. Participants will become a student of CAVC.

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