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Eastern High

Eastern High Flourish in Life

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  • 22/06/20


    I've recently received this email to announce the start of statutory Pre-Application and consultation for the Mor Hafren Energy recovery facility.   This consultation begins on the 19th June until 31st July.  If you have any queries or concerns, I do urge you to write to t...
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  • 03/04/20

    My Video Message

    Please see my video to you below.   I mention Classcharts but actually mean Google Classroom.        
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  • 24/10/19

    Proposed Incinerator

    I’ve been asked by quite a few parents and members of the community recently where I stand with regards to the proposed incinerator being planned within a kilometre of the school.   The short answer is that I can’t answer the question at the moment, as I don’t have all th...
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  • 17/06/19

    The 5 Second I Rules

    The subject I ponder on more than any has got to be our use of digital media.   Even in the four years, I’ve been at Eastern High the issues surrounding digital media use across the world has progressed to another level. Here are just a few facts I’ve looked up: There are...
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  • 17/07/18

    Grease - What a show!

    It was sad to see such a strong group of Year 11s performing their final show.  They've been fantastic role models for all our pupils, not only in the shows but around the school where they are very much respected by other pupils.   A special mention goes to Laura who has recently...
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  • 07/06/18

    Will the exams ever end?

    We’re in the middle of exams now and if you’re the parent of a Year 11 student like I am, then I hope all is calm at home.   This is my third child to go through their GCSEs and so I know it is not an easy time for parents. Occasionally one of us has been allowed to help with a...
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  • 04/06/18

    The school is now officially opened

    Good to see everyone back from the half-term break looking good this morning.   I have to thank parents for all the support you have given us concerning uniform.   Everyone is wearing blazer and tie and looking smart now and hopefully this will instil a sense of pride in our scho...
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  • 25/04/18

    Digital responsibility, begins in school

    Some might accuse me of focusing far too often in these columns about the appropriate use of digital technology in schools. Normally it’s about the overuse or inappropriate use of mobile devices by young people and the effect it is having on us all. If nothing else, my message is always cle...
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  • 27/02/18

    A quick update following our move into the new building

    Our first half-term in the new building has flown by and we’re already half way through the school year.   We must be enjoying ourselves! The move itself at the beginning of January was hectic and I have to thank our staff for all the hard work and extra hours put in, in order to...
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  • 19/02/18


    Why I don’t like Snow I wrote the article below for the Echo a few weeks ago when we had our last snow.   At the moment I’m sitting at home (Sunday 18th March) looking out at 6 inches of snow, where I am over by Bristol and wondering what to do about tomorrow.    H...
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  • 15/09/17

    Don't we look good?

    Throughout my career, I've always been on the fence when it comes to uniform.   Part of me wants to recognise the young people as individuals and allow them to express their personalities through the clothes they wear.  The other side of me recognises how costly it would be f...
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  • 25/08/17

    Should we enter student early for their GCSE exams?

      There were some concerns raised in the press recently regarding schools entering students for GCSE exams early, i.e. at the end of Year 10, rather than at the end of Year 11.   As a Headteacher I can see both sides of the argument, but it’s a fence I’ve certainly jump...
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